Water Heater Safety Tips

Safety valves, relief valves, or safety relief valves on boilers and temperature/ pressure relief valves on water heaters must be manually operated at least once per year to ensure that the waterways are clear.

Mineral deposits, over time, can adhere to the valve, block waterways and make the valve inoperative.

If the valve becomes inoperative, and an unsafe temperature or pressure build-up occurs, the result would be serious property damage, injury or even death.

Additionally, temperature/pressure relief valves should be removed and inspected for corrosion and mineral deposits every three years, and be replaced, if necessary. Corrosion and mineral deposits cannot be determined unless the valve is physically removed.

The expense and time involved for a basic safety check is almost nothing compared to the expense and suffering of a catastrophic accident.  If you want to understand the destructive force behind these over-temperatures and over-pressure conditions, check out this video.

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